“Maranzana’s Castle is a fine building dating XII-XIII century. It presents three square towers and a circular turret, connected by walls. You can access to the castle from the square in front of the Parish Church, walking along what once was the drawbridge surrounded by the moat and passing by the Church of the Oratory. Now the bridge is of bricks and the moat is a garden.

If you look at the walls, you will recognize the traces of swallow-tailed merlons, the observatories and the loopholes which were used to spot enemies and hit them throwing hot oil and pitch!

The Castle is located in a “strategic” position at the top of the hill where the village of Maranzana lies, so from the windows of the castle you can enjoy an amazing view … no more to spy on approaching enemies … but to admire the hills and orderly rows of vines, thick woods, the green plain, the Alps (Monviso, Cervino, Monte Rosa) and the Apennines!

It is said that the castle was connected to the hills and the village through a dense network of underground tunnels which served as an escape route in case of siege: no one has seen it, but it is certain that there is a second basement floor in the basement of the building yet unexplored and the gateway, although walled, stands out clearly in our cellar. The door was walled in 800 by our great-grandfather, for preventing access to the infamous “trap” , where in ancient times, unwanted guests were made fall….

Now the castle is divided into three private properties (one is our farm), the tower on the square is owned by the City while the Church “dell’Annunziata” belongs to the Parish.

If you want to know more about the history of our castle, read this short but interesting report.