In just 10 minutes drive you can have a break at the Spa in Acqui Terme and participate in the many activities of this bustling tourist town.

Take your children to visit the famous Aquarium of Genoa.

“Shopping” lovers can enjoy fashion and luxury of the “Outlet” in Serravalle Scrivia.

In an hour drive you can achieve Turin: do not miss the Egyptian Museum, the Venaria Reale, the Film museum,  the Automobile Museum, … and why not, the emotion of the new Juventus Stadium!

Take into consideration the events organized by the Local Cultural Association “Giacomo Bove & Maranzana”:You will appreciate them!!

Even the Municipality of Maranzana and the Association “Pro Loco” organize events and leisure options.

Do not miss the winery “La Maranzana” and bring home its famous wines.

If you want a landscape that really leaves you open-mouthed, climb to Monte Beigua, then stop in the lively village of Sassello.

In just an hour on the motorway you can reach the slopes of the “Monte Rosa” and, by cable car, achieve the Lake Gabiet.

If you have the whole day available, admire the beauty of the Lake “Maggiore” and discover the Lake “Orta”.

Take the motorway towards the sea and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Portofino.

In Asti, in September, there is the famous Palio and the Douja d’or; and…. in the whole area it is ” harvest time “!!